Sunday, April 22, 2012

New cards

Okay, I'll probably realese new version next week (my phone died yesterday, so new version will be as soon as I'll get my phone back).

New cards will be:
Blue-Eyes White Dragon (all artworks and with animation)
Dark Magician (all artworks, no animation)
Dark Magician Girl ^____^  (all artworks, no animation)
Kuriboh (all artworks, with animation)
Red-Eyes Black Dragon (all artworks, no animation)

And maybe few other, I am not certain which exactly though.

Thanks for reading this, and stay tuned.

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So new version is out! Added animation to some of the monsters, also Android 2.1  and higher now supported! Leave monsters that you want the most in the comments, and I'll try to add them! Also if you have some extra money (even few cents) please donate, I would really apreciate it.